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Welcome research into Lyme disease may prevent diagnosis failure…

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Expert Witness attending Forensics Europe Expo London…
Visit Expert Witness at Forensics Europe Expo, 21 - 22 April (Olympia, London) to discuss opportunities for showcasing your credentials on the definitive source for the term.
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Teachers report of attacks on professionalism, pay, pensions and working conditions…
The NASUWT’s Annual conference was described as “perfectly timed platform for key messages to be conveyed to politicians and the public just a few weeks before the electorate goes to the polls in one of the most important General Elections in a generation”.
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How do I become … a forensic scientist
01/04/2015 17:35:49
An excellent article from The Guardian today, about Dr Kelly Sheridan, forensic scientist, the real CSI.

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Changing role of Psychologist as Expert Witness…
The role of psychology in supporting legal processes has expanded markedly in recent years, leading to a welcome increase in the influence of research from psychology.
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