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The fallout from the Post Office Horizon scandal: legal professionals under fire
  • Apr 22, 2024
  • Latest Journal

Dr Stephen Castell discusses the need for due accountability and redress from the legal professionals who were responsible for the Post Office Horizon miscarriage of justice.

Over a 20-year period, solicitors, barristers and judges were involved in pursuing through the courts the Post Office’s (PO) private prosecution of hundreds of innocent victims, based on unchallenged evidence from the faulty PO Horizon software system, the biggest miscarriage of British justice. Those lawyers were professionally negligent, in dereliction of their duty, under clear court and practice rules, to ensure that all relevant computer evidence relied upon at trial should be fully disclosed, and available for expert examination and potential rebuttal.

Published in Solicitors Journal Thursday 18 April 2024


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By Dr Stephen Castell CITP CPhys FIMA MEWI MIoD


Challenging the reliability of AI and other complex multi-connected intelligent computer systems will become of fundamental importance as businesses and society move rapidly towards a software-dominated, algorithm-governed future.  Increasingly ubiquitous ‘algo dependency’ is likely to result in a wide variety of disputes, some of which will reach court, in which computer evidence will critically feature. ...
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