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AI Robotic Surgery Expert Witnesses
  • Mar 27, 2024
  • Latest News

Robotic surgery expert witnesses will have different types of experience within the medical field, since robotic surgery can be used for performing several types of surgical procedures. Robotic surgery refers to a minimally invasive form of surgery in which tiny surgical tools are inserted through small incisions, which allows for a more precise form of surgery. Robotic surgery expert consulting may provide insightful information for cases involving such areas as robotics laparoscopy, urologic oncology, cancer, urology, general surgery, colon rectal surgery, reconstructive surgery, gynecologic oncology, neurosurgery, endoscopic spinal surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN), da vinci robotic surgery, and medical engineering, among other numerous issues pertaining to the medical field. Since it is used for so many medical procedures, robotic surgery may become the focus of a lawsuit due to various issues.

Since robotic surgery may be used for varying purposes, it is important to retain an expert with the right background for your specific case. Robotic surgery experts with a focus in neurosurgery, for instance, will have specific knowledge of neuroradiology, vascular surgery, thoracic surgery, spinal surgery, spinal disorders, spinal injuries, and lumbar decompression. Robotic surgery expert witnesses with a background in urology have often worked with prostate cancer, renal failure, and fluoroscopy. Other cases may concern problems with medical malpractice, which may occur during robotic surgery.