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  • Mar 31, 2020
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If you require an urgent hearing for injunctive or similar interim relief in matters in the Business and Property Courts you should email the courts noting the following:

In the subject line give the name of the case and add “URGENT INTERIM RELIEF APPLICATION”.

In the body of the email state

- your case details including the names of the parties and, if your application is made in existing proceedings, the claim number;

- brief details of the relief being sought;

-  brief details of the circumstances and reason for urgency;

- a time estimate for judicial pre-reading and hearing;

- a brief statement as to whether you intend to give notice of the application to any other party and, if not, why not.

The matter will then be referred to a judge for consideration of whether the case merits urgent attention in the current circumstances. If satisfied that an urgent hearing is merited the judge will give immediate directions as to when the hearing will take place and how it is to be conducted.

If a hearing is merited it will be conducted remotely and the judge will determine whether it is to be conducted by telephone; Zoom; or Skype or in some other way.

You must provide the Court with the e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of counsel and solicitors and any unrepresented parties so that a remote hearing can be arranged. If you believe that one or other of those methods will not be practicable you should say so giving reasons.

The judge will in any event require an electronic bundle to be provided. This should be limited to those documents which are essential for the proper determination of the matter on an urgent basis.

You should also file all appropriate documents on the CE-file system in the normal way but you should appreciate that there may be some delay in processing filed documents and that the judge will not have access to unprocessed filings.

Please use the following email -