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Develop your skills as an Expert Witness
  • Jul 23, 2018
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The Expert Witness Training for Medical Professionals

Our training is delivered from three perspectives:-
Successful Medical Expert Witness
Practicalities of setting up a medico-legal practice, understanding your duties as an expert, the roles of various players, the law relating to clinical negligence, what to expect from instructing parties, preparing, structuring and writing medical reports, identifying the issues that need to by addressed by your report, review of sample good and bad reports, the business of being an medical expert – terms of engagement, how to get paid, developing your practice and winning instructions.
Experienced Medical Negligence Lawyer
Addressing the legal issues – breach of duty, causation, condition, prognosis, medical advice and consent, conflicts. Working with your lawyer, understanding the language lawyers use, the claims process, conferences, joint statements, discussion of expert, CPR (Civil procedure Rules) Part 35
Leading QC (medically qualified) specialising in Medical Negligence
Rules on Witness Training, Before Court, Hot Tubbing, giving evidence, reports, cross examination, re-examination, points to consider in giving your evidence, role play – examination in chief, cross examination and re-examination, what happens when it goes wrong.

Giving you all the knowledge you need to run a successful medico-legal practice.
Why book Expert Witness Training with Inspire MediLaw?

In addition to the two days training the cost covers:-
Unlimited support/mentorship for 12 months following the training the Inspire MediLaw Legal team.
Marketing to our vast network of clinical negligence and personal injury lawyers.
Admin support to get your CV, T&Cs and Reports in a format lawyers like to see.
Invitation to join our Medico-Legal chambers.
CPD accredited (7 hours per day) training that is recognised by law firms.
 Excellent course material with a wealth of information to refer to following the training.

Event Details
Day 1: Prepare £450 +VAT
Day 2: Practice £450 +VAT
Two day course: £895 +VAT (includes administrative and legal support for 12 months) Dates for Expert Witness Training


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Inspire MediLaw is delighted to announce that we will be working in collaboration with the GMC