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Expert Witness Ms Mary Gill provided expert evidence for an injury case, where a shampoo and rinse resulted in a stroke
  • May 5, 2017
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Expert Witness Ms Mary Gill a Consultant Trichologist and Hair specialist, provided expert evidence for an injury case, where a father of two was awarded £90,000 from a hair salon after a shampoo and rinse gave him a stroke

David Tyler collapsed two days after visiting Headmasters in Brighton in 2011, he suffred a near-fatal blood clot when his head was bent backwards over the basin. The case reached court in February this year, with Mr Tyler receiving £90,000.

This injury can be known as Beauty parlour syndrome. It was first diagnosed by neurologists in America and describes what can happen when the head of a customer at a salon is pushed back against a basin while their hair is washed. Leading to a torn artery, blocking or completely reducing the flow of blood to the brain, resulting in a stroke. The number of recorded cases is extremely small.

Expert Witness Ms Mary Gill has over 50 years continuous experience of Trichology, Hairdressing and Wig-making within Industry and Education; Over 20 years in Independent Private Practice as Consultant, Clinical Trichologist and Expert Witness. one of her main areas of expetise is head and scalp injury, trauma and reaction to products and/or procedures.

Mr Tyler was in hospital for three months and initially came home in a wheelchair. Following physiotherapy, he is now able to walk with a stick but still suffers pain.


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