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Expert Witnesses that our Searchline service have recommended
  • May 4, 2023
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Listed below are some of the expert witnesses that our Searchline service have recommended in the past few days


Gastroenterologist - Direct Reporting

Psychologist to assess client after delay in diagnosis - Fletchers Solicitors

Orthopaedic consultant - Direct Reporting

Orthopaedic surgeon - DAC Beachcroft

Neuropsychologist - Lister Brady Criminal Defence Solicitors

Child psychiatrist - Madden Finucane

Cardiologist - Direct Reporting

Endocrinologist -

Child neuropsychologist and educational psychologist - DAC Beachcroft

Rheumatologist - Medicals UK

Surveyor - litigant in person

Expert to comment on injuries sustained by knife - Dorset Police

Expert to comment on bruising - Merseyside Police

Expert in injury interpretation - Ahmed & Co Solicitors

Psychological assessment for mother in care proceedings - Herefordshire Council

GP near Penrith - e-medicals

Handwriting expert - litigant in person

Haematologist and Radiologist - Pathfinder Legal Services

Child psychiatrist - DAC Beachcroft

Expert to Interpret injuries sustained and comment on how serious they are - Cumbria Police

Neuro-otology expert - DAC Beachcroft

Audio forensic expert - Tuckers Solicitors

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