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Free Webinar, 31st May 2024, 11.00 - 12.00 (UK time)
  • May 17, 2024
  • Latest News

Ian Ross, Forensic Investigative Psychologist will be presenting a free webinar on May 31st from 11.00am to 12.0pm UK time.

As someone once said, the most effective lies are the ones closest to the truth. In witnessing the Groupthink brigade in the inquiry, we see an assortment of styles of Obfuscation. The variables emit mild amusement, and yes, some are throwing others under bus now they have been found out – years down the line, BUT a common denominator is dishonesty!

I offer this webinar to anyone who has interest in identifying issues beyond “I can’t recall itis” and how to dismantle the bluff tactics. From the aggressive “I already answered that question” and “as stated earlier” protagonist: i.e., those who obfuscate through their legal skills with a touch of “how dare you” to intimidate the questioner.

Over to those who are visibly doing their best to remember the script provided when they were coached to evade questions.

Others, passive liars (sorry, post Office inquiry witnesses) sugarcoat their dishonesty with pleas to your emotion (like fraudsters who say they are collecting your money for children’s hospitals).
 - Then those who just talk utter …. who try their best to bore us into submission.

The webinar I trust will be useful for
▶ investigator/interviewers
▶ any professional who manages cases and investigation teams. (That oversight always helps your team because Obfuscation is NOT always easy for one person to spot, AND there CAN be evidential points you can help extract therefrom)
▶ Any lawyers, dare I ask?

Just click on link at the time to join. No need to install Google Meets.

There will be an article published later….

Ian Ross
Investigative Psychologist. Professor of International Law, Financial Crimes expert