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Guidance on recording of social worker meetings
  • Jan 21, 2016
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On Thursday 17 December the Transparency Project officially launched its paper, Parents recording social workers: a guidance note for parents and professionals. The purpose of the Guidance is to help both parents and social workers to understand the possible legal and other implications of making recordings, as some parents wish to, of meetings with social workers. They may have various reasons for doing this: to gather evidence of prejudice or misconduct, for example, or simply as an aide-memoir or to help remember and understand the advice given in the meeting.
Discussing the matter first could avoid mutual suspicion and improve working relations. Moreover, many local authorities seemed to have no coherent policy on whether they regarded the practice as acceptable or (often for bogus reasons) unlawful, as was revealed in a survey conducted by way of a Freedom of Information request sent to all local authorities. The guidance is written in clear simple English to help both parents and social workers. It has been well received by parents’ groups and family law organisations.
The Transparency Project was founded in 2014 and achieved charitable status in April 2015. The Project aims to promote better understanding of the family justice system in England & Wales by providing accessible and balanced information, and through facilitating public discussions about the system. The Guidance on recording meetings is just one example of how it is contributing positively to the family justice system.
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