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Hawkins' 2021 Webinars: The London Series
  • Apr 27, 2021
  • Latest News

Our colleagues in the London Office have created a series of webinars from clothing damage to corrosion, contamination, crash test dummies and many things in between! All talks take place at 9:00 AM GMT.

If the date of the webinar has passed, a recording will be available through its title below.
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Fires Involving Heating Appliances & Flues
Presented by Paul Hughes on Tuesday 20th April 2021
An overview of investigations into fire involving flues and a summary of the regulations that apply to the installation of flues.

Flashburning: Interpreting Heat Damage on Clothing & Shoes
Presented by Helen Rosser on Friday 23rd April 2021
An insight into how the microscopic examination of clothing for thermal damage can provide physical evidence linking the wearer to the ignition of an ignitable liquid.

Contamination – What, Where & What To Do About It
Presented by Dr Claire Mann on Tuesday 27th April 2021
An overview of commonly encountered contaminants following fires and escapes of water.

An Introduction Into Large Turbo-Generators & Their Failure Mechanisms
Presented by Ben Adams on Friday 30th April 2021
Generators are used to make electricity in most power stations, from wind farms and hydro plants to gas, coal and nuclear stations. When they fail, they have the potential to cause extensive business interruption, on top of substantial property damage costs. This webinar will introduce the technologies involved and show how and why they break down.

Corrosion – Am I covered? An Insight into the Impact of Material Selection & Micro-climates on Performance
Presented by Dr Sophie Parsons on Tuesday 4th May 2021
An introduction to the various types of corrosion encountered, with some interesting case examples from both the marine and land base sectors, and how best to avoid these scenarios.

A Crash Course in Crash Testing
Presented by Ross Clarke on Friday 7th May 2021
An overview of crashworthiness and how it has developed over the years, with a look at what happens during a collision and how restraint systems work to save your life; also includes a brief look at the implementation of Active Safety systems, which attempt to prevent collisions from occurring.