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Hugh Koch Inaugural talk 6th March 2019
  • Mar 21, 2019
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Please find the links below to two video clips of the Hugh Koch talk at Birmingham City University: one short 1 minute ‘taster’ and th  full talk (67 minutes). The full version starts with an introduction by Prof. Keith Horton and ends with a short interview by Emily Koch (author).

The Pursuit of Resilience in Challenging Times

Introduction to Resilience
Bouncing back from setbacks
Managing distressing feelings
Communicating more effectively
Restructuring thinking and positivity
Organising your mind
Enhancing clarity of your mind
Intentional closeness and gratitude
Making it work: Resilience in the workplace
Believing in yourself: self-efficacy
Integrating and spontaneity

References:  Koch HCH (2018) From the Therapist’s Chair to Courtroom: Understanding Tort Law Psychology.