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Investigative Psychology, Focus on Financial Crime
  • Apr 18, 2024
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We are pleased to announce that Professor Ian Ross has authored ‘Investigative Psychology, Focus on Financial Crime’, which will be published later this year. Ian is an Investigative Psychologist. Professor of International Law and Financial Crimes expert.

Investigative Psychology as a scientific discipline is the most pertinent in supporting criminal investigations and profiling. Profiling to a forensic level, that is.

Investigative Psychology is not especially concerned with rehabilitation as is forensic, criminal, and cognitive psychology. But this crucial area of work was in need of a specific text, with financial crimes front and centre. I trust my book serves this need.

This work is modelled on a range of complex legal, political, and doctrinal concepts. Perspectives to assist readers, especially professionals involved with supporting investigations or defending malevolent accusations, either at organisational level or to present to the courts.

The content is bolstered by three new investigative ‘tools’ and models. Including the "CC1 Investigations Toolkit."

-  Investigative Psychology: Sources, Baselines, and its Divergences into Financial Crime

Part 1. Investigative Psychology and Financial Crimes: Concepts and Correlations
Chapter 1. Investigative Psychology Through a New Lens

Chapter 2. A New Scrutiny of Fraud and Corruption

Chapter 3. Investigation: Decisions and Directions

Chapter 4. Evidence
• Where ‘suspicion’ fits with facts?
• ‘Similar Fact’ Evidence: Effective in Proving Fraud, but underused

Chapter 5.  CC1 Investigations Toolkit
• The 3Cs – an essential 3-step screening model which connects actions to consequences.
• 'Two pass' reading technique: .
• Mind Mapping: To make easy collation of voluminous information in complex cases with numerous actors or parties to it..
• 'Capability Assessment'
• ‘Information Filter'
• ‘Disclosure Gauge'

Chapter 6. Investigative Interviewing: New Dimensions

Chapter 7. ‘Witness Care’ – a New Forensic Guidance

Chapter 8. Profiling: The Known and the Unknown Offender

More to follow ..

Publication later this year.

Ian Ross is an internationally established financial crimes expert with 40 years of experience. Professor of international law and investigative psychologist providing forensic case reviews supporting the courts precisely addressing decision-making and complex evidence analysis in fraud, corruption and money laundering investigations. Supporting regulators, law enforcement, and equally, defence lawyers.

Ian founded Tartan Forensic LLC in 2016 and undertakes cases worldwide. He prepares and submits expert court reports in complex Proceeds of Crime hearings, He also provides expert opinion on International Fraud Prevention and anti-bribery matters and, provides forensic psychology investigative reviews in all jurisdictions.