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Risk Adequacy - Assembling the Building Blocks
  • Nov 20, 2019
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Part II in our Online Risk Series: A Risk Based Approach to Assessing the “Adequacy of Financial Resources”

The FCA is increasingly emphasising Risk Frameworks as part of its expectations of firms’ governance, systems and controls.

Under proposed rules, the FCA can request any firm to submit its risk-based assessment of adequate financial resources for review. Do you have an adequate risk framework in place? Are you prepared?

In this session we will show you how to assemble the necessary building blocks. Complyport and CalQRisk are hosting an online demonstration which looks deeper into the implementation of Risk Frameworks.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if:
your ICAAP and ILAA documented an actual process within your firms just as it claims it does
talking to the FCA about it was a pleasure, not excruciating pain

your ICAAP didn’t land your firm with a fourfold increase in capital requirement that you have to communicate to the owners

SM&CR didn’t turn ICAAP and ILAA into sword hanging over your head

you could show the Board something when they ask

Delivered jointly by Complyport, a leading GRC consultancy, and award-winning risk management solutions provider, CalQRisk, this 40 minute online demonstration will take you through the key components of a practical risk framework and tie those in with the methodologies to implement and manage those components going forward.

Complyport Risk Lead, Richard Revill, will be joined on the day by CalQRisk CTO and Director of Risk Management, Gerard Joyce.
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