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Searchine have supplied the following experts over the days
  • Oct 4, 2022
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Searchine have supplied the following experts over the past days:

Psychiatric expert report for criminal case - litigant in person

Child forensic psych expert - Alletsons Solicitors

Psychiatric assessment and report of a mother as part of child protection pre-proceedings - Invicta Law Ltd

Expert in stroke medicine - YV Enterprise

Child psychiatrist, paediatrician and expert in factitious illnesses - Williamsons Solicitors

Valuation/survey report on a residential property in Kent - DSD Law

Expert in ASD - Jordans LLP

Psychological assessment for client convicted of manslaughter - Jordans LLP

Psychiatric assessment of a mother - Shropshire Council

Psychological assessment for client suffering with depression and anxiety and how this would have impacted on client’s ability to provide a specimen of breath - Jordans LLP

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