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Suggestions to handle the National Health Service Crisis today
  • Feb 16, 2018
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There are many factors which have made to-days’ NHS becoming stressed itself more than any stressed patient. The situation is as follows:

A. Politics, Economics and Law have as much to do with patient-care as Medicine; National money reserves are far less now than in the past.

B. Appraisers and Re-validators are being paid to find faults among doctors by their own colleagues. Doctors are not saints; there are prejudices.

C. Care Quality Commission is being paid to find faults in Practices by GPs and Consultants; Hospital departments and GP surgeries are shrinking.

D. Referral Services, created and paid by the NHS, are stopping GP referrals to Hospital Consultants as much as possible.

E. "Patient complaints against doctors have changed from being a wind to a hurricane. After two
complaints, a doctor may become a patient.

F. Pharmacists are under pressure too. Moreover, they have to charge for their services as the dentists do. They are also human and make errors.

G. Private Healthcare Companies are very expensive and have costly investigations which many dying patients or their relatives cannot afford.

H. Doctors organisations have tried to use "Patient Associations" as shelters but it has back fired.

I. In 1998 - 2000, the third discipline of the NHS called "Clinical Public Health and Community Pae
diatrics plus School Healthcare" was skilfully closed.

J. Now the remaining two disciplines Hospital Service and GP Practices are being skilfully                re-organised as there is no other choice.  

K. British Government , the RCGP, other Royal Colleges and the BMA are really supporting the doctors under fire, and patients, as much as they can.

* Please observe that there is no one person or Party to be blamed. We have a real situation to run the NHS within the resources available. Let us join hands together, not blame each other but calmly solve these issues as best as we can to reach the solution. Hope sustains life; we would win.

By Dr Bashir Qureshi
• Expert Witness in Cultural, Religious & Ethnic Issues in Litigation.
• Expert Witness in GP Clinical Negligence.
• Expert Witness in Community Paediatrics and Clinical Public Health.
• Author of "Transcultural Medicine" (This book was a mandatory reading for British Army doctors in Iraq and Afghanistan wars who treated soldiers, prisoner and civilians from different backgrounds).