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The Forensics Europe Expo 2019 Conference brochure is now available.
  • Feb 23, 2019
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The Forensics Europe Expo 2019 Conference brochure is now available.

Agenda Day Two
06 Mar 2019

09:30 09:35
Chairman's Opening Remarks
Kevin Lothridge, Executive Director - National Forensic Science Technology Centre, Florida International University

09:35 10:05
Quality standards in forensic science: a review of progress, learning and next steps
Dr Gill Tully, Forensic Science Rrgulator - Arm's-Length Body of the Home Office

10:05 10:35
NABIS: A Ballistic Focal Point for the UK
The UK’s National Ballistics Intelligence Service went live in September 2008. Over the last ten years it has pioneered a system of combining the information generated by forensic science with other f ...
Martin Parker, Chief Scientist - National Ballistic Intelligence Agency for Forensics

11:00 11:30
Forensic science integration on complex major crime scenes
The past ten years of commercial forensic science development in the UK has seen a growing focus on analytical provision and associated ‘back office’ functions. This presentation will explore how this ...
Dr Karl Harrison, Lead Forensic Ecologist - Alecto Forensics

11:30 12:00
A Talk on the Wild Side: The challenges and opportunities for forensic science in global wildlife law enforcement. The application of forensic science to wildlife law enforcement is an area of rapid growth, due largely to increasing global efforts to tackle the illegal wildlife trade. The development of wildlife f ...
Dr Rob Ogden, Programme Director - Trace Network, and University of Edinburgh

13:00 13:30
Breaking barriers for implementable forensic science research
This presentation will highlight issues and barriers that prevent the undertaking of meaningful forensic science. Taking as an example the pioneering fingerprinting research developed at Sheffield Hal ...
Simona Francese, Professor of Forensic and Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry - Sheffield Hallam University

13:30 14:00
Crime scene reconstruction with modern technology
Mike’s presentation will highlight new forensic mapping technology and software and provide a comprehensive look into modern crime scene mapping technologies to include an in depth look at drones and ...
Michael Allard, Police Officer - Northeast Diagramming Services

14:00 14:30
CSI Yorkshire: Rapid transmission of fingerprints and identification of suspects using mobile technology
An overview of the mobile data solution currently in use by Crime Scene Investigators across Yorkshire and Humber for borderless deployment to incidents, HOB mobile fingerprint technology to identify ...
John Britton, CSI Supervisor - Regional Scientific Support Services, West Yorkshire Police
Peter Arnold, Head of Operations - Regional Scientific Support Services, West Yorkshire Police

15:00 15:30
The reconstruction of ‘Cheddar Man’ – the potential of ancient DNA for human demography and phenotyping
Modern humans arrived in Europe around 45 thousand years ago (kya), but were nearly driven out during the Last Glacial Maximum 25-19kya when large parts of Europe were covered in ice. By the major war ...
Dr Yoan Diekmann, Research Associate - UCL

15:30 16:00
Assessing the application of 3D printing to the forensic analysis of osteological remains
3D printing, or additive manufacturing, is a novel technique that is becoming increasingly incorporated into forensic casework. Physical 3D replicas of crime scene materials can be reconstructed for a ...
Rachael Carew, PhD Researcher - University College London (UCL)

16:00 16:15
Chairman's Closing Remarks & Exhibition
Kevin Lothridge, Executive Director - National Forensic Science Technology Centre, Florida International University

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