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The Singapore Institute of Arbitrators
  • Jul 2, 2020
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The Singapore Institute of Arbitrators is an independent professional body established in 1981.  
Thery are a truly neutral professional body with no link or affiliation to any particular industry but bonded together with a common interest in arbitration & other alternative dispute resolution procedures.  

Presently, they have almost 900 members geographically represented throughout the world, many are practising professionals from a wide spectrum of diversified backgrounds who are also directly and indirectly involved in the dispute resolution procedures as Arbitrators, Mediators, Expert Witnesses and Consultants.  

There main focus is in the aspect of professional training & development. Besides being a centre for promoting knowledge of arbitration & other ADRs, we also act as an appointing authority for the appointment of arbitrators upon requests. The Singapore Institute of Arbitrators work closely with the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.

Latest Events
All events are now presented in webinar format.

28 Jul 2020- 05:30pm - 07:15pm
Accounting for Disputes: Getting the Most Out of Financial Statements in An Arbitration

20 Aug 2020 - 05:30pm - 07:15pm
Non-Contractual Claims in Commercial Arbitration (20 August 2020)

09 Sep 2020 05:30pm - 07:15pm
Incoterms 2020 - What Practitioners Need To Know (9 September 2020)

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