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Tommy Adams ordered to repay £1.24m for dirty cash laundering operation
  • Mar 2, 2020
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Thomas ‘Tommy’ Adams has been ordered to repay £1,243,270.75 for his part in a dirty cash laundering network.

Adams ran a money laundering operation with his associates, which was foiled in 2014 when undercover police heard him discussing the illicit activity at a central London café.

Adams’ associates were also seen handing over a bag full of cash at Euston station and when police investigated further, they discovered a ledger recording the amounts laundered.

The network was convicted of money laundering offences in two separate trials in 2017 and jailed for more than 30 years collectively.

During confiscation proceedings at Croydon Crown Court, the prosecution was able to show that Adams had a criminal lifestyle and benefited significantly more than the value of the ‘dirty’ cash.

The court found that Adams had properties in London and Cyprus that he had gained through criminal activity, and that he had used third parties to hold his criminal property and helped him launder cash through their bank accounts.

Adams’ total benefit from crime was assessed as £1,243,270.75.

Today, Adams has been ordered to repay the full amount of his benefit by 26 May 2020 or he will face a further seven years in prison.

Helen Hughes of the CPS said: “Mr Adams was previously sentenced to seven-and-a-half years for drug trafficking, yet he still thought he was above the law.

“Money lies at the centre of this criminality and today Mr Adams has been ordered to pay over £1.24m - handing over his dirty money for good or he faces a more time in jail.

“If at any point in the future we identify that he has other assets and has benefited to a greater extent, then we will apply to the court to increase the order and make him pay more.

“Criminals like this must be stopped, which is why we work tirelessly to get the highest confiscation orders available, so they can start to repay their debt to society.”