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Why Continued Professional Development is Important to MedCo
  • Jun 23, 2020
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Continuous training and development is a vital part of any medical career, especially when training and development can open up new opportunities for work. Dr Dan Bunstone is the lead GP of a practice in a high growth area of Warrington, as well as the Chief Medical Officer and key member of the Clinical Advisory Board at Speed Medical. Following his recent article about the NHS crisis, Dr Bunstone explores the need to stay on top of Continued Professional Development (CPD) in order to maintain MedCo accreditation.

Meeting training deadlines
The MedCo CPD training cycle is now over halfway through for this year, giving us until the end of May 2020 to ensure we've kept ourselves up to date and able to produce high quality, compliant medical reports. (Obviously this has changed please see)

There's a minimum of six hours of training required per year for Continued Professional Development, with much of the training being available online. MedCo has supplied 12 hours of online learning through their portal, which is effectively good enough for two years worth of accreditation. However, I'm not suggesting to stick to the minimum requirement. Keeping ourselves up to date is a vital task for any medical expert, and now there is the added incentive of not being allowed to continue with your MedCo registration unless the training is complete. If you've not started the training yet, I'd suggest making a start as soon as you can.

Maintaining MedCo accreditation
The format on the MedCo site is different as it is mainly video-based coupled with transcripts and reference material. It’s intuitive, interesting and focused on the work you'll be undertaking as an expert. This will support you in making those difficult decisions that sometimes come to us as medical experts.

To stay registered with MedCo and continue working as a MedCo-accredited expert, you must complete the minimum of six hours of CPD. While there are only four months remaining to get this done, it couldn’t be any easier to do, especially as everything you need is on the MedCo website.

I’d encourage you to go further with the training. Consider completing all of the online modules plus at least one face-to-face meeting per year. This will put you in the best possible position to be offering high-quality medicolegal reports.

By taking the time to complete training, especially before the end of the MedCo training cycle, you are able to maintain your registration and accreditation - allowing you to keep working on cases and providing high-quality, impartial reports. Training should be a constant part of your role as a medical expert - not only does it help you maintain access to professional bodies like MedCo, but it also keeps you at the forefront of your profession and striving to be the best you can be.

About the Author
Dr Dan Bunstone
Chief Medical Officer

Dr Bunstone has worked closely with the team at Speed Medical since 2015 in his role as Chief Medical Officer and has been instrumental in maintaining a high quality of experts on the panel. Leading the regular audit of reports, he is able to feedback to experts about what is working well, and what needs improving. He is also responsible for identifying experts that may not be meeting the very high standards that Speed Medical demands and supporting experts who may have received unreasonable requests.

As Chief Medical Officer at Speed Medical, Dr Bunstone plays a pivotal role in supporting the direction of the Clinical Advisory Board, a new addition to the clinical support team.