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You are cordially invited to the BCS Law Specialist Group and Society for Computers and Law Joint Event: “The Government by Algorithm Debate” - Thursday 15 April 2021 @ 6.30 pm
  • Apr 7, 2021
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I am pleased to announce a unique and exciting event on the 15th of April 2021, 6.30 pm to 8.00 pm where the BCS Law SG is partnering with the Society for Computers & Law (SCL) where we have organised for your viewing and listening pleasure an expert panel who will debate the motion:
“This House would prefer to be governed by algorithm direct, than by politicians who are not ICT professionals and who have never coded software to deliver a functionally useful algorithm for any customer or user”.

The moderator of the debate is a colleague and Partner of mine at CMS, Dr Rachel Free.
The motion is proposed by our very own Dr Stephen Castell and will be opposed by another committee member of the BCS Law SG, Dr Nigel Young.

The seconder to Stephen is Matthew Lavy who is a SCL Trustee and the seconder to Nigel is Shobana Iyer, a committee member of the SCL D&I Advisory Group.

The Debate will be held under Chatham House Rules, open to all. The proposers and opposers of the motion, and their seconders, will speak for 30 minutes in total, and then the discussion will be opened for around 55 minutes to contributions by those attending, for vigorous and interactive discussion. A closing vote on the motion will be taken: will you be persuaded away from the view you held at the start of the debate, or will it have served only to strengthen your thinking and position?

More details on this event, the speakers and registration link here.

Register early so you do not miss out!

Kind regards
Dr Sam De Silva (Chair of the BCS Law SG)