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British Weather Services

Professional Description:

Qualified & Experienced Meteorological Expertise


Meteorological Observer (RN); Author of the book, Weather or Not? - The Personal & Commercial Impacts of Weather & Climate.

British Weather Services
Weatherview House
50 Beaumont Way
High Wycombe
HP15 7BE
Alternate Address:
25 Regent House
Wye Dene
High Wycombe
HP11 1FW
Area of work:

Nationwide & International


BRTISH WEATHER SERVICES est. 1987 is an experienced & qualified meteorological company - the longest established private sector weather company in the U.K., founded & led by Jim N R Dale.

We have an acute focus on legal, insurance & media related enquiries, supplying expert comment & expert witness reports for anything weather or climate orientated.  We welcome enquiries from the legal fraternity, media, the insurance sector & all weather sensitive companies.  

For the legal fraternity, we cover criminal offences, road traffic accidents, personal injury such as slipping or falling, property damage, drainage and flooding disputes, insurance and contractuaral disputes, agricultural incidents such as spray drift and spoilage of perishable goods. In short, anything with a meteorological angle, which includes site investigations, written reports & expert witness in court.

Our meteorological expertise expands across all parts of the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

Our written legal reports are presented in laymen’s terms for greater understanding & all contain our professional conclusions, on all cases, along with the legal requirments as an expert witness.

* Costs from £295 + VAT. (Please note: Urgently required reports are particularly welcome and joint reports can also be undertaken).

* Experienced & trained Expert Witness in court, from £550 + VAT per day.

* On-site meteorological forensic investigations, from £550 + VAT per day.

If you require a rapid, qualified & professional response, then please feel free to contact us.

Finally, when enquiring with concern to weather related legal cases, know that we are METEOROLOGICALLY qualified, unlike some listed experts whose qualifications are limited to the likes of geography & topography. There is an important difference! 

Please feel free to visit our website for more information.

Thank you.


Royal Navy, Bond Solon.

Expert Training

Bond Solon


Royal Meteorological Society, APIL.

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