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Dr Tim Hull

Professional Description:

Consultant Neuropsychologist, Forensic Psychologist& Clinical Psychologist


1. Specialist Register for Practitioners in Neuropsychology 2. Full Member of the Division of Forensic Psychology, 3. Consultant Clinical Psychologist 4. Chartered Forensic Psychologist with British Psychological Society 5. Accredited by the British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Psych Experts
75 Harborne Road
B15 3DH
Area of work:

Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bristol and Nationwide


I have extensive experience in the use of psychometric assessments and their application in legal contexts.

1. Clinical Neuropsychology. Assessment and diagnoses of brain functioning following Head Injury, post concussive states and other neurological conditions.

2 Psychometric Testing (learning disability, general adult and older adult populations) including: assessment of intelligence (I.Q.), memory testing and other cognitive functioning

3 Neurorehabilitation following Brain Injury and other neurological conditions.

4. Psychiatric Diagnoses. In particular medico legal assessment of PTSD, adjustment disorders, depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders following personal injury

Medico-legal Experience

Neuropsychologist Assessments
• Medico-Legal Experience I have prepared over 500 medico-legal neuropsychological reports. These have covered the level of disability caused, suitability for rehabilitation and the determination of mental capacity. Neuropsychology and Psychological Measurement
• I have a specialisation in Clinical Neuropsychological assessment, particularly the assessment of cognitive functioning in difficult and confounded situations.
• I worked at the Regional Neurosciences Centre in Birmingham, gaining experience of neuropsychological assessment and treatment and have carried out more than 1000 neuropsychological assessments.
• I was a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist for the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust in Birmingham for 7 years leading the clinical team in a residential rehabilitation facility for people with acquired brain injuries
ForensicPsychologist Experience
• I have worked in a forensic mental health setting within the NHS full time for over three years and part time in the same setting for five years. This has given me a broad and detailed experience of the legal system and its interactions with mental health mental impairment servicesand has helped me to maintain and develop my role as a Registered Forensic Psychologist.
Clinical Psychologist Experience
• Since I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist I have been active in undertaking psychological assessments and delivering psychological therapy. I practise from a primarily cognitive behavioural perspective but also use techniques from other models when appropriate.
Medico-legal Case Experience includes:
• Personal Injury Cases
• Brain Injury
• Forensic Psychology : Suggestibility
• Clinical Psychology
• Parental Risk Assessments
• Care/Contact Proceedings
• Mental Capacity
• Munchausen & Munchausen by proxy
• Family Assessments/Dynamics/Attachment/Parental Alienation
• Pre-sentencing reports
• Fitness to Plead/Stand trial
• Risk assessments including Arson
• Hospital Orders
• Sexual/Violent crime & Abuse
• Parole Board Assessments
• Mental Health Review Panels
• Dangerousness/Risk Assessment
• Testamentary Capacity
• Section 18, 37, Arson
• Risk/Parole Assessments
• Work Related stress
• Fitness to Work
• Employment Tribunals/Equality Act
• Psychiatric Injury: Depression, Anxiety,
• Harassment/Discrimination
• RTA’s
• Workplace Accidents
• Trauma Sequelae
• Victims of Crime
• Historic Child Abuse Assessments incl. addressing limitation
• Military Claims

Dr Hull has prepared medico legal reports for the civil, criminal and family courts and has also worked for the official solicitor and for Occupational Health Departments. These have included assessments of capacity, risk, of ability to return to employment after illness and of criminal responsibility and culpability. He has extensive experience of applying neuropsychological principles across a range of different areas and has been a pioneer in their application in these contexts.

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