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Dr Andrew Godley

Professional Description:

Specialist Waste Management Consultant PhD

Ricardo Energy & Environment
Gemini Building
Fermi Avenue
OX11 0QR
Area of work:



Andrew is a highly experienced environmental scientist and consultant with 40 years’ industry experience. Andrew is a microbiologist by training and holds a PhD in anaerobic microbiology. He has expertise in all aspects of microbiological activities associated with environmental issues, waste and wastewater (effluent) treatment, and soil and groundwater protection. Andrew has applied this to become a recognised industry expert in the biological treatment of solid and liquid waste and process air, and the application of products from organic and inorganic waste treatment to land.

Andrew has extensive expertise in the operation and technical due diligence of waste treatment facilities including MBT, materials recovery facilities (MRF), composting including in-vessel composting, and wet and dry anaerobic digestion (AD). Andrew has undertaken MBT performance monitoring during commissioning and acceptance testing, including monitoring the recovery efficiency and quality outputs such as solid recovered fuel (SRF), metals, plastics, and compost like output (CLO). He was instrumental in developing the Environment Agency's mechanical biological treatment (MBT) monitoring guidance.

Prior to starting his career in consultancy in 2001, Andrew spent 25 years with Shell Global Solutions, primarily undertaking microbiological based commercial research and development, including wastewater treatment research, and environmental protection studies associated with the oil and chemical industry. This provided practical experience of large industrial sites and of interpreting large amounts of data such as physical, chemical and biological analysis results for solid, air and water matrices, and process operating data.


Since 2012, Andrew has been an expert witness in relation to the design and performance of a number of recently constructed MBT facilities where the expected performance has not been achieved. These include issues associated with mechanical separation processes, waste feedstock preparation for anaerobic digestion, design and actual waste composition, composting process design, process air treatment, waste water treatment and process water management. Andrew has provided extensive advice on significant insurance claims involving disputes between parties including the operator, construction contractor and technology sub-contractors.

Andrew has also been lead technical advisor to a local authority since 2008 throughout all stages of the specification, procurement and commissioning of a 400,000 tonne per annum capacity MBT facility to financial close. Integral to this, Andrew considered in detail and evaluated the bidders’ proposed technical and commercial solutions, including the quality and potential markets for outputs such as SRF, digestate and compost-like output (CLO). Andrew continues to provide support on post-commissioning performance monitoring and contractual disputes, including through a series of adjudications.

Andrew has also acted in a number of criminal and civil cases, in addition to commercial disputes. A recent case related to an assessment of the causes of process issues at an AD facility, including damage to gas engines. Andrew acted on behalf of the waste companies that provided feedstock to the AD facility, analysing the potential for contamination in the waste streams and whether this could have been anticipated by any of the parties.


Andrew has undertaken a number of varied expert witness and due diligence roles in addition to those associated with MBTs. Examples include:

• Assessing the risks of the release of plant microbial pathogens from a planned in-vessel composting facility into surrounding protected sensitive habitats.
• Expert opinion on the composition and levels of contamination in waste paper in relation to an allegation of illegal export.
• Expert opinion for an Australian law firm on whether the composition of landfill daily cover derived from a waste processing facility complied with the relevant regulatory requirements.
• Expert opinion for the prospective purchaser of an existing composting facility, focusing on the state of repair of the facility, its value, and cost of any potential remedial works that would be required of the purchaser.
• Technical due diligence assessments of a number of AD facilities with food waste, agricultural waste, and energy crop feedstocks.
• Technical due diligence assessment of a novel enzyme hydrolysis and AD process, supported by experience of autoclaving thermal hydrolysis processes.
• Procurement of biowaste treatment facilities, including AD and composting, involving detailed evaluation of processes.
• Expert witness on effluent treatment plant (sequencing batch reactor) performance and ability to comply with a trade effluent consent.


• Expert witness for MBT, organic waste treatment, and waste to land.
• Technical due diligence for MBT, AD and composting.
• Technical advisor for the procurement of residual and source separated organic waste treatment infrastructure.
• Biodegradation performance of MBT, AD and composting technologies.
• Production and quality of solid recovered fuels (SRF) and recyclates such as plastics, metals, glass and paper.
• Environmental impact of waste treatment and emissions to air, water and soil.
• Waste management and waste characterization and chemical/biological analysis methods.
• Microbiological pathogen risks and their mitigation.


Member of the British Standards Institute (BSI) AW/20 Committee for maintenance of BSI standards for growing media and related areas.

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