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Medical Expert Witness Alliance (MEWA) LLP

Professional Description:

5000+ Experts in all Medical & Surgical fields


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Medical Expert Witness Alliance (MEWA) LLP
Pure Offices
Broadwell Road
West Midlands
B69 4BY
Area of work:

UK, Ireland & International


MEWA provides high quality cost-effective expert witness reports in all fields. We can prepare any expert report anywhere in the UK in 1-2 weeks in Urgent cases. We have access to 5000+ active experts throughout UK, Ireland & International.

Our medical experts are willing and able to provide expert opinions to courts, tribunals, defence, CPS and members of public.

We cover all areas of law including; Child and Family Law, Civil and Personal injury, Asylum and Immigration, Criminal cases, Employment law, Clinical and Medical negligence, and Rehabilitation.

We also provide rehabilitation for personal injury and clinical negligence victims including physiotherapy and psychology input.

All our experts undergo regular peer review to ensure the quality of their work.

Our Commitments include:
1. Full UK & Ireland Coverage
2. Worldwide UK Immigration Reports including India, Pakistan, China, South Asia, Middle East and Africa.
3. Free Medicolegal screening for civil and negligence cases
4. Free Medicolegal advice for Criminal & Family Cases.
5. Urgent reports in 1-2 weeks- we will never request adjournment of cases saving valuable court time.
6. We cover all fields of medicine and surgery including experts in allied health professions such as Psychology, Social Workers, Nursing, Midwifery.
7. Experts with local knowledge - Our experts have experience of working in Europe, Asian Countries, Africa and Middle East.
8. Experts with Specialist knowledge of interface in law and health.
9. Choice of Male & Female Multilingual Experts.
10. Reports by fully accredited experts who are able to withstand scrutiny by the courts and legal professionals.
11. Flexible fee and special consideration for privately funded cases.
12. Clear and transparent fee structure with capacity to work with legal aid agency (LAA.)
13. Quick appointments and fast delivery of reports (2-3 weeks) as standard.

We offer long term deferred payment terms for personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

List of our medical experts

Allergy and Immunology Experts
Anaesthesias Experts
Autopsy / Forensic Pathology Experts
Breast Implant Experts
Cardiac Surgery Experts
Cardiology Experts
Cardiothoracic Surgery Experts
Chiropractic Experts
Dental Experts
Dermatology Experts
Ear, Nose & Throat (Otolaryngology) Experts
Economic Damages Experts
Emergency Medicine Experts
Endodontics Experts
ER Experts
Family Practice Experts
GP experts
Gastroenterology Experts
General Surgery Experts
Genetics Experts
Geriatric Medicine Experts
Gynecology Experts
Hand Surgery Experts
Head & Neck Surgery (ENT) Experts
Hematology Experts
Hospital Administration Experts
Hospital Medicine (Hospitalist) Experts
Independent Medical Exam (IME) Experts
Infectious Disease Experts
Internal Medicine Experts
Laboratory Testing & Analysis Experts
Life Care Plan Experts
Midwifery Experts
Neonatology Experts
Nephrology Experts
Neurology Experts
Neurosurgery Experts
Nursing Experts
Nutritionist Experts
OBGYN Experts
Occupational Medicine Expert
Oncology Experts
Ophthalmology Experts
Oral Surgery Experts
Orthopedics Surgery
Osteopathy Experts
Palliative Care Experts
Pathology Experts
Pediatrics Experts
Perinatology (Maternal Fetal Medicine) Experts
Periodontics Experts
Pharmacology Experts
Physical Medicine & Rehab. (PM&R) Experts
Plastic Surgery Experts
Podiatry Experts
Pulmonology Experts
Psychiatry Experts
Psychology Experts
Radiation Oncology Experts
Radiology Experts
Rheumatology Experts
Social Workers
Speech & Language experts
Thoracic Surgery Experts
Toxicology Experts
Urology Experts
Vascular Surgery Experts
Wound Care Experts

For new and existing experts, we also offer
advice on teaching and training resources to achieve competencies required for working as an expert witness. We Mentoring the transition from a ‘clinical expert’ to a ‘medicolegal expert’, resources for medicolegal training. Advice on process and skills of giving oral evidence, basic report writing advice, report layout advice and report proforma, and peer support for complex cases.

For all your medical expert needs, please contact us.


For experts we provide advice on training and mentoring

Expert Training

Pre eminent & leading Experts


All our experts are on GMC Register or equivalent internationally

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