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Forensic Defence

Professional Description:

Nationwide Expert Witness provider to defence solicitors, family solicitors, barristers and privately funded clients.

Forensic Defence
Bradford Court Business Centre
123-131 Bradford Street
B12 0NS
Area of work:



At Forensic Defence we specialise in providing expert witnesses in a number of disciplines. We provide experts that can assist in criminal and civil cases and we will always endeavor to provide a wide selection of experts to meet our clients needs.

We at Forensic Defence understand the importance of meeting deadlines especially in legal cases, we therefore pride ourselves on an efficient and expedient service. Our experts have years of experience in preparing reports for Court purposes and will provide reports within the time and format required.

Our expert witnesses include Accountants, DNA experts, Cell site experts, Phone/computer experts, Drug analysis, Facial Mapping, Voice recognition, Handwriting samples and many more.

Our Services Include:
CCTV Enchancement
Cell Site Analysis
Computer & Mobile Forensic Examination
Drink Drive bacs calculation
DNA Reports
Forensic Accountancy Reports
Mobile Phone Analysis
Footwear marks
Handwriting Analysis
Drug Testing and Analysis
Dangerous Dogs Assessment
Accident Reconstruction Reports

Above all we understand that it is difficult for legal professionals in a time constrained field to trace expert witnesses, we will therefore save you the time and the hassle and meet your expectations every time.

No matter what your witness needs, we will endeavor to find an expert within that field, we understand it can be time consuming to find an expert yourself, relax and let us to the searching.

All of our quotes are with the legal aid budget, we are fully aware of what the LAA require. If the case is a private case, we will endeavour to work to your budget, as we know in times of distress paying for an expert can be costly.


Our staff have worked in the legal industries for over 10 years, they know exactly what solicitors, barrister and clients are looking for. We aim to obtain a quote within 1 working days of receiving instructions, as we know cases can be under time constraint.

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