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Mr Brian Henderson

Professional Description:

Forensic Collision Investigation


MSc – Forensic Science, Certificate in ‘Forensic Accident Investigation’, Road Collision Investigation Techniques, Basic Vehicle Handling Dynamics

Crown House
Bridgewater Close
BB11 5TE
Area of work:



Brian Henderson is a forensic collision investigator with over 25 years’ experience of investigating motor vehicle collisions. He has a Master of Science Degree (MSc) in the field of forensic science.

Brian completed his MSc by research in 2012. His thesis, entitled A Retrospective Study in understanding ‘Low Speed Change’ Vehicle Collisions, Occupant Movement and Likelihood of Injury is a synthesis of many years of investigation and original research all of which has been self-funded.

He is qualified in collision investigation techniques, having been examined in the subject. He is qualified to advanced standard in crush damage analysis (understanding how vehicles crush and the energy required to crush them).

He has been involved in direct research for over 15 years and instigated the research programme at GBB (UK) ltd., the only organisation undertaking research with live vehicle occupants. The research is independent and fully self-funded.

The research programme is dedicated to understanding how vehicles are damaged, the implications of that damage in respect of causation and movement and understanding how occupants react to the input of external forces.

Occupant movement is a subject about which he has lectured both in the UK and around the world. He is widely published in the subject.

He is a Visiting Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Central Lancashire and has completed a Master of Science Degree, the only one of its type in the United Kingdom, dealing with occupant movement in ‘low speed change’ collisions.

His experience in this field has been acknowledged in the High Court in London [Williams v Jervis 2009].

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GBB is a market leading firm of forensic collision investigators and engineers. We offer expert advice in all types of motoring matters. At GBB, we believe that first-hand research is essential for knowledge and understanding of all aspects of road traffic accident investigation and this, combined with our experience, makes us a leader in the field of collision investigation and accident reconstruction.

We serve an impressive list of clients in the UK and beyond including The Ministry Of Justice, a number of major insurance companies, leading law firms and police forces. We have a reputation for providing authoritative, independent assistance and advice.


Member of the Forensic Science Society, Member of the Institute of Traffic Accident Investigators, Member of the Institute of the Motor Industry

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