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DJ Fox & Associates Ltd

Professional Description:

Employment expert witness reports

DJ Fox & Associates Ltd
Suddon Grange Farm Offices
Area of work:

Nationwide & International


With over 16 years of experience, D J Fox & Associates Ltd has honed a methodology that has proven expertly capable of providing employment reports which you can trust.

Our services are tailored to your requirements so that you can make informed decisions that enable you to:
• Establish the key figures for the Schedule of Loss that you can use to lead and agree a settlement with other parties.
• Provide the Court with the important employment facts of a case and expert opinion in order to establish a firm basis for you to proceed with the litigation.
• Remain confident that you have delivered your duty of care to your client in an exemplary manner.

D J Fox & Associates Ltd acts on behalf of Claimant or Defendant, or as Single Joint Experts. Our commitment is to research and analyse every aspect of evidence and, with our experience and knowledge, to provide expert witness employment reports that inform your decision-making to arrive at an appropriate loss of earnings figure.

We have a procedure of rigorous analysis and research which can include:
• Examination of pre-injury employment and earnings history.
• Assessment of pre-injury career and earnings prospects.
• Exploration of alternate employment options and related earnings post-injury.
• Investigation of disability in the workplace and handicap on the labour market.
• Local area labour market analysis.
• Information and costings on re-training, where appropriate.

By distilling this information we provide the Court with the important facts of a case and expert opinion in order to establish a firm basis for the litigation. We also establish the key figures for inclusion in the Schedule of Loss that can be used to lead and agree settlement of cases.

Whilst all of our Associates follow a proven methodology, each report is bespoke and may be as long or as short as you need it to be. You can be certain that whether it be a quick summary report or a full employment report, every aspect of the requirement will have been thoroughly analysed and then subjected to rigorous scrutiny.

In the last 16 years D J Fox & Associates Ltd has written reports covering over 180 occupations in the following employment sectors:
• Business Consulting & Management
• Banking & Finance
• Construction
• Engineering & Manufacturing
• Energy & Utilities
• Environment & Agriculture
• Law
• Healthcare
• Information & Technology
• Law Enforcement & Security
• Leisure & Sport
• Media & Internet
• Public Services & Administration
• Military
• Retail
• Social Care
• Science & Pharmaceuticals
• Teaching & Education
• Transport & Logistics


Each of our experts has a range of specialist knowledge and experience, which is enhanced by internal and external training.

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