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Dr Peter Smallwood FRSC

Professional Description:

Industrial Chemist


PhD in surface and colloid chemistry, Liverpool University - BSc (Hons) Physical Chemistry, University of Liverpool

Chemical Associates
Proffits Lane
Area of work:

UK and Worldwide


Expert in the formulation of chemical products including cleaning, personal care, disinfectants, coatings, paints and adhesive products and the use of surfactants. Also expert in free radical polymerisation, processing and the use of acrylic latices and PVC.

Dr Peter Smallwood, is the founder and owner of Chemical Associates, he is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He obtained Batchelor and Doctorate degrees in physical and surface chemistry from the University of Liverpool.

This was followed by a career in the chemical industry. Briefly at Fisons he was involved in developing and producing inorganic fertilisers. Then at ICI he researched the chemistry of milling, pigment dispersions and bacteria, before applying his knowledge of surface chemistry to the suspension and emulsion polymerisation of vinyl chloride to produce PVC. This was followed by the development of acrylic lattices for use in low permeability, fire resistant, anticorrosive coatings and adhesives. When ICI decided to close its UK emulsion polymerisation plant, Peter was charged with identifying a toll manufacture able to manufacture the latex. He then transferred the manufacturing technology to Japan, where it is still operational today.

After this Peter left industry and set up his technical chemical consultancy “Chemical Associates”. It was interrupted for 5 years working for SABIC in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, supporting their PVC polymerisation processes. As well a developing new products and processes, Peter took part in an investigation, to identify the cause of a serious fire in the Plant’s Spray Drier.

Peter’s work in industry started in research labs. But has also involved scale up through the SemiTech, Pilot Plant and onto world-scale production plants. Spells as technical manager on these plants and working with customers to develop better paints, coatings and adhesive, means that Peter has a wide appreciation of most technical aspects and legislation relating to the operation of the chemical industry.

Chemical Associates grew by helping companies based around the world develop new and innovative formulations and to improve their chemical processes. We were asked to develop new grades of PVC and comment on the technical and commercial viability of older plants. We established a team to identify chemical uses of renewable electricity. Our surface chemical expertise has been put to good use in the development of laundry, cleaning and personal care products and most recently sea salt.

Chemical Associates has access to extensive analytical facilities and laboratories Chemical Associates have written a number of reviews on cleaning products and their sustainability and is also actively involved in training industrial scientists and engineers of the future.

We have acted as an Expert Witness in a number of arbitration disputes, involving technology with which we are familiar. One involved the in-situe polymerisation of industrial flooring, the formulation of an aqueous based adhesive using an acrylic latex and the processing of polyolefin compounds for use in electric cable coatings.

Peters' technical chemical knowledge and understanding of a wide range of products and processes, his ability to interview people and understand the significance of their comments, observations and experience, has enabled him to identify the causes and reasons for the observed outcomes that have proved useful for both his clients and the Courts.



Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, American Chemical Society, and CICA (The Chemical and Industrial Consultants Association).

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