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Cancer Legal Experts

Professional Description:

A unique collaboration of first-class clinical Cancer Medico-legal Experts We will advise on the best Cancer Expert for your case.


All our Experts are Consultants working in Cancer specialty Multidisciplinary Teams.

Cancer Legal Experts
27 Carrwood Road
Area of work:

Nationwide and International (including Ireland)


Medicolegal Experts:
Medicolegal Breast Cancer Experts:
Nigel Bundred, Professor of Surgical Oncology/Consultant Surgeon
Rick Linforth, Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
David Dodwell, Professor of Clinical Oncology

Medicolegal Lung Cancer Experts:
Phil Crosbie, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine with a Special Interest in Lung Cancer

Medicolegal Urological Cancer Experts:
Simon Russell,
Urological & Breat Oncologist

Medicolegal Upper Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Experts:
Simon Galloway,
Consultant Surgeon

Medicolegal Gynaecological Cancer Experts:
Emma Crosbie
, Consultant Gynaecological Cancer Surgeon
John Tidy, Consultant Gynaecological Cancer Surgeon

Medicolegal Colorectal Cancer Experts:
Abiram Sharma,
Lower GI Consultant Surgeon
Simon Bach, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon

Medicolegal Head and Neck Cancer/ Maxillo-Facial Cancer Experts:
Andrew Schahe, Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon
Dr E. Allan, Consultant Oncologist

Medicolegal Hematological Cancer Experts:
Simon Watt,
Consultant Haematologist

Medicolegal Radiology and pathology Cancer Experts:
Mike Michell
, Consultant Radiologist, Breast Cancer Screening
Prof Ian Ellis, Professor of Histopathology, Nottingham City Hospital
Dr Steve Allen, Cancer Radiologist Royal Marsden Hospital

Medicolegal Cardiothoracic Oncologist Experts:
Mr V. Joshi, Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon Oncologist

Medical Reports:
Pro bono advice is offered, but on a limited number of papers (no more than four sides of A4).
Screening reports fixed fee: £600 (no more than 500 pages).
Causation & Beach of Duty Reports fixed fee: £1600 (no more than 1200 pages of medical records). However please enquire for briefer reports as cost is dependent on time to do report.
Current Condition and Prognosis reports: £2000 (including consultation, but no more than 1200 pages of medical records). Fees are usually less but depend on hours required to do report


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