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MEWA Psychiatry & Psychology Experts

Professional Description:

2500+ Largest Panel of Psychiatry & Psychology Experts in all fields covering full UK & Ireland

MEWA Psychiatry & Psychology Experts
Pure Offices
Broadwell Road
West Midlands
B69 4BY
Area of work:

UK, Ireland & International


MEWA Psychiatry & Psychology Experts can provide high quality cost-effective expert witness reports in all fields of Psychiatry and Psychology covering full UK & Ireland. We can prepare any psychiatry & Psychology report anywhere in the UK in 1-2 weeks in all urgent cases and sometimes in 2-5 days. We have access to 2500+ active psychiatry & Psychology experts throughout UK, Ireland & International.

We cover all areas of law including; Child and Family Law, Civil and Personal injury, Asylum and Immigration, Criminal cases, Employment law, Clinical and Medical negligence. We have access to all specialist experts in field of Psychiatry & Psychology as below-

Psychiatry Experts-
Forensic Psychiatrists
Adult Psychiatrists
Child Psychiatrists
Old age Psychiatrists
Child Psychiatrists
Learning Disability Psychiatrist
Psychiatrist specialising in Sexual disorder

Psychology Experts-
Clinical Psychologists
Educational Psychologists
Child Psychologists
Forensic Psychologists
Occupation Psychologists
Counselling Psychologists
Learning Disability Psychologists

Why us?
1. Access to 2500+ Largest panel of Psychiatry & Psychology Experts in the UK within Legal aid rates.
2. Full UK & Ireland Coverage
2. Urgent reports in 1-2 weeks- we can meet any deadline and will never request adjournment of cases saving valuable court time.
4. Free Medicolegal advice for Criminal & Family Cases.
5. Free Medicolegal screening for civil and negligence cases
6. We cover all fields of Psychiatry and Psychology including experts throughout UK.
7. Experts with local knowledge - Our experts have experience of working in Europe, Asian Countries, Africa and Middle East so can provide valuable experience in complex cases where expertise of a specific region/culture is required.
8. Experts with Specialist knowledge of interface in law and health.
9. Choice of Male & Female Multilingual Experts.
10. Reports by fully accredited experts who are able to withstand scrutiny by the courts and legal professionals.
11. Flexible fee and special consideration for privately funded cases.
12. Clear and transparent fee structure with capacity to work with legal aid agency (LAA.)

Criminal Cases- Our team of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology experts are able to provide fitness to plead, mental capacity, suggestibility, IQ assessment,, sanity defence at the time of offence, fitness for prison, vulnerable witnesses and are able to provide expert witness services.
Psychological and Psychiatric Assessments of offenders.
Assessment of criminal risk of reoffending
Recommendations for intervention or treatment in the community
Diagnostic assessment of severe mental health or personality disorder
Sex offender risk assessments
Assessments of fitness to plead and capacity to instruct
Assessments of testimony including suggestibility, compliance and false confession
Analysis of witness testimony, suggestibility or false confessions
Cognitive assessment of mental capacity within the Mental Capacity Act
Assessments for prison parole hearings

Care Proceedings- Our Psychiatry & Psychology Experts are able to assist the court by providing expert witness reports on Parents and Children in Family Law proceedings. We have experts who provide comprehensive and efficient incapacity assessments for Welfare and Financial Guardianships under the Mental Capacity Act. We are aware of the statutory timescales and thus provide the flexibility to turn around reports within tight deadlines. We can usually assess clients wherever they are based, including care homes, hospitals and home visits. We offer psychological assessment and interventions to protect children in proceedings or pre-proceedings

Asylum Cases-
We are able to provide professional psychiatric & psychology reports for client’s submission or appeal for asylum claims as well as assess the impact deportation could have on their mental health. In addition, our psychiatrists are all trained in recognising symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Our team of experts have amassed a wealth of experience in producing high quality medico-legal reports to assist individuals who have suffered traumatic experiences which have led to psychological and psychiatric distress, including medical negligence, childhood abuse and road traffic accidents amongst others.

Employment Law- We have experts with considerable experience in providing professional psychiatric assessments of clients appealing benefit decisions including: Employment Support Allowance, Disability Living Allowance and Work Capability Assessments. We take pride in our compassionate and thorough reports.

Parole Board Hearing- W e can arrange forensic psychiatric & Psychological assessment including detailed risk assessments to support application for Parole Board Hearings.

Mental Health Act & Mental Capacity Act- We can provide independent psychiatric & psychology reports for clients subject to detention under the Mental Health Act, including both Section 2, Section 3, Section 34/41, Section 47/49 and Community Treatment Orders (CTO) in UK. We can address whether the criteria for detention are met, that guiding principles are being adhered to and that the least restrictive options have been given due consideration. We also provide independent psychiatric reports for Mental Health Act in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We are able to assess the mental health of individuals facing eviction from their home and repossession, and the impact this will have on their mental health.

Clinical & Medical Negligence-. Error/misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis; Failing to properly assess diagnose and treat patients admitted to hospital, whether voluntarily or compulsorily under section; Failing to section/discharging/otherwise failing to detain patients at risk of suicide.

Child and Family Psychologists
Our Psychiatry & Psychology Experts are able to assist the court by providing expert witness reports on Parents and Children in Family Law proceedings. We can provide assessments and expert reports in following cases:

Parental Assessments – Risk Assessments
Risk and ability to protect a child
Substance abuse and Addictions: Drugs , Alcohol, Gambling etc
Family Assessments / Dynamics
Child Development Issues
Child ADHD / Aspergers / Autism
Care / Contact Proceedings
Mental Capacity Assessment
Domestic violence
Emotional and Sexual abuse
Personality Disorders
Psychosomatic Disorders/ Munchausen & Munchausen by proxy
Sexual offences
Adult ADHD / Aspergers / Autism
Parents and children of all ages
Global family assessments
Parent-child attachment or relationship problems
Child mental health and developmental difficulties
Specialist forensic risk including violence and sexual risk
Non-accidental injury or ‘denied’ child maltreatment
Complex family problems and systemic risk
Adults with severe mental health or personality problems
Risk of relapse of substance abuse
Cognitive assessments of mental capacity

Educational Psychologists-
We have Educational Psychologists, Child Psychologists and can assess the impact of developmental difficulties such as Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD), dyslexia or dyspraxia can have on educational outcomes. We can prepare reports for SEND tribunals.

Consider a child’s integration in school or any experiences of bullying.
Make recommendations for the home-school-network liaison.
Take an integrated and systemic approach to developmental difficulties.
Assess a child’s mental health and developmental difficulties.
Include looked after children and their experiences of separation and loss.
Assess the child’s intellectual ability and describe any cognitive difficulties.
Consider the child’s attachments and life events when considering their abilities.
Look to empower parents and teachers in meeting a child’s educational needs.

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