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Mr Joseph Naghdi

Professional Description:

Digital Investigations, Mobile Phone Forensics, Cyber Security, Computer-related Crime



Computer Forensics Lab
Euro House
133 Ballards Lane
N3 1LJ
Area of work:

England & Wales


My main role is to acquire, analyse, identify and report on digital evidence from a range of technological devices; including computers, mobile phones and CCTV systems. This involves using various industry standard forensic hardware and software tools.

My team and I, have been involved in cases which include criminal activity, insurance fraud, family disputes, employment tribunals, business data theft, internet banking fraud, computer crime, email interception, digital document validation, image validation and intellectual property theft. Computer Forensics Lab is a IT consultancy firm specialising in computer forensics, digital forensics investigations, and electronic discovery. Since 2007, we have assisted a large number of clients including law firms, solicitors, detectives, prosecutors, investigators, courts, police forces, public inquiries, investigative bodies, law enforcement agencies and government bodies and small-to-medium businesses private individuals. Whether you require digital forensic investigations, expert witness testimony in UK Crown Courts, or related services such as data recovery and cyber security, Computer Forensics Lab is the place to go to. Some of the most experienced and respected computer forensics analysts, technicians and experts are among our specialist team of consultants.

Computer Forensics Lab specialises in the recovery and analysis of the digital “fingerprints” left by the routine use of computers, mobile phones, tablets and other digital media. Even deleted files can be recovered and examined, ensuring that you have all the evidence available to support your investigation. Our digital forensic experts are able to recover, examine and analyse the data while maintaining the chain of custody of all digital evidence to ensure it is preserved in its original form and is admissible in a court of law. Computer Forensics Lab can provide expert witness testimony in a variety of specialist subjects. Credible evidence given by a reputable and experienced expert in digital forensics can significantly impact the outcome of any legal proceedings which involves computer-related evidence.

Computer Forensics Lab expertise covers the following specific areas:
Child Pornography
Data Recovery
Data Security & Data Theft
e-Disclosure and Litigation
Internet Banking Fraud
Cybercrime Investigation
Computer-related Fraud
Intellectual Property
Online Bullying & Stalking
Mobile Phone Forensics
Digital Document & Image validation
Company Data Leak Investigation


Masters in Computer Science

Expert Training

Expert Witness Training



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