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Mr Stephen Farnfield

Professional Description:

Expert Financial Witness


Chartered Financial Planner

Area of work:



Loss Of Earnings, Pension Loss, Loss of Dependency, Lost Years and Form of Award (PPO v LUMP SUM)

Expert Financial Witness Specialising in Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Cases where there is a loss of Earnings and Pension Loss. I also regularly provide pension loss calculations for Employment cases.

Over the last 7 years I have provided more than 350 Pension Loss reports, with their respective values ranging from £10,000 to over £1m.

Due to the complex nature of pensions and the current pensions legislation it is often advisable for me to complete the Loss of Earnings Calculations within the same report.  This way I can ensure that there is a clear and accurate treatment of Tax, National Insurance and Pension Contributions through the claim.   

When preparing Loss of Earnings Calculations, I will ensure that correct tax treatment of employment benefits are taken account of such as: Death in Service, Private Medical Insurance, Company Car etc.
Regularly I am asked to provide figures in relation to Loss of Dependency in fatal cases as well as Lost Years calculations in cases where there has been a reduction in life expectancy due to the injury/negligence.

My reports are detailed and CPR Compliant they are designed to be easy for the reader to digest and understand. I pride myself on my evolving approach to dealing with issues and the good relationship that I build with my instructing solicitors.   

Where approval has not been sought/granted for a formal expert I work on the basis of acting as an agent of the instructing firm.  I can provide white labelled reports and calculations that then form the basis of the claim for loss of earnings and pension.

I am often asked to provide comment on the appropriate form of award for individuals as they approach settlement. Is a Lump sum only award or a reduced lump sum and annual income the best route? At this stage I will discuss with the key stakeholders and provide a detailed analysis of not only the mathematics but also of the softer factors that need to be taken account of such as life expectancy, individuals preferences and the wider economic environment.

I am usually happy to defer payment of fees till the settlement/conclusion of the case and will discuss this on a case by case basis.


11 years as a Chartered Financial Planner, Business Degree including Accounting and Understanding the Financial Markets


CII, Personal Finance Society, NEWA

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