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Anthony Stockton
BSc.(Hons). MSc. MCSFS

Melanie Pugh
BSc.(Hons). MCSFS

Professional Description:

Forensic Handwriting and Signature Experts

Innovation Centre, York Science Park
YO10 5DG
United Kingdom
Area of work:

Nationwide and International


StocktonPugh is a leading UK based independent provider of forensic handwriting and signature expertise to lawyers and Courts in the UK and internationally.

We are a passionate UK-based team of world-renowned expert witnesses providing impartial scientific, forensic handwriting and document analysis as evidence for legal purposes to clients here in the UK and abroad.

Anthony Stockton and Melanie Pugh trained in the UK Government and held positions across European councils and government departments. Together they have a wealth of international knowledge and experience with an impressive scientific and forensic background of over 50 years combined experience.

We provide a comprehensive range of forensic handwriting and documents examination services at our laboratory including:
• Signature and Handwriting Comparison and Identification
• Signature Authentication
• Identification and examination of printed / typed documents
• Recovery and decipherment of indented impressions from paper surfaces
• Alteration to documents
• Paper and ink comparisons
• Comparison of Stamps and other markings on documents
• Sequencing and relative dating of entries on documents      
• Examination of signatures in Arabic and Chinese script

As an authority on the examination of disputed documents, StocktonPugh has a fully equipped laboratory with the latest technology enabling us to produce the most accurate, scientific, reliable and impartial evidence.Including; Electrostatic Detection Apparatus (ESDA), Video Spectral Comparator – VSC80, Dark Room Facilities, Computerised databases, Stereomicroscopy and Digital image capture facilities.

As experienced Expert Witnesses we are accustomed to giving evidence in Court.
Our findings and results are produced in the form of a CPR 35 compliant report or witness statement for use in a Court of Law or Tribunal. Our work is independently verified by a second forensic expert to ensure appropriate degrees of certainty and credibility are achieved, and our processes are optimised for quality assurance and evidence integrity.

We remain impartial and independent in all areas of our forensic examination and handwriting analysis work, balancing the needs and requirements of both sides of a legal case and producing evidence in an unbiased manner. We also act as single joint experts.

We have worked on many high profile cases, including murders, kidnappings, rapes, counter-terrorism, serious fraud, money laundering, drugs, organised crime, witness intimidation and civil litigation.

As well as providing evidence to the Courts in the UK, we are recognised for our international forensic casework and are familiar with the processes and requirements of overseas Courts and Tribunals.

We have provided evidence in cases submitted from International Courts of Arbitration, European countries, Dubai, Grand Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos Islands, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

We also deliver training courses in Questioned Documents examination in the UK and overseas.

Fees and Timeframes
On receipt of the relevant information we provide you with a quote and our fees and terms are agreed with you in advance. Unless you introduce more documents for us to examine or additional instructions, our fee is fixed and will not change. Court attendance is charged separately and is in line with the hourly rate we charge for casework.

We provide quotes that are suitable to obtain prior authority for LAA/legal aid work and our fees are set within their guidelines. We aim to turn cases around within two weeks from submission of items and appropriate documentation. We can work to much shorter timeframes to meet urgent deadlines. We are familiar with working to the milestones set by the Court in Civil matters.

“We engaged Anthony Stockton to provide forensic handwriting analysis in connection with an issue which arose in international commercial arbitration proceedings.  He was able to undertake the work to meet a very tight deadline, and we found him responsive and helpful at all times.”  William Hare – Forbes Hare LLP

If you have any queries, please email us or call  07733 308 351.


Past Chairman of the European working group for Handwriting within ENFSI, Former Steering committee member of the European Working Group for forensic document examiners within ENFSI, Members of the UK Chartered Society of Forensic Science

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