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Connect with SYTECH Forensics Established 1997

SYTECH Forensics Established 1997

Professional Description:

CCTV Analysis, Mobile Phone Forensics, Computer Crime and Cell-Site Expert Witnesses, UKAS ISO-17025:2017 Accredited

Unit 68
Bedford Street
Stoke on Trent
Area of work:

Branch offices in: South Wales and Warwickshire


In many cases of serious crime, an independent and thorough critical analysis of the prosecution’s digital evidence is key to an effective defence of your client.  

SYTECH have in-depth experience in presenting the defence team with a clear understanding of the digital evidence and provide the basis upon which the conclusions of the Prosecution might be challenged.  Where appropriate, we will acknowledge the probity of the evidence as presented.

We are aware of instances where pressures on Police resources limit the work completed by the prosecution. This is particularly the case where you are required to accept evidence presented as a Streamline Forensic Report.   

It is not uncommon for misleading conclusions to be presented based upon selective and prosecution centric interpretation of the digital forensic evidence.

Instances include
♦ Failure to examine and analyse data on all devices, leading to the presentation of conclusions with little regard to evidence that supports a valid defence.
♦ In cases involving illegal images, are the images illegal as stated?
♦ Cell site and mobile phone evidence said to be “consistent” with the accused being involved.  Evidence that contradicts such a conclusion is often overlooked.

As a mature, independent, quality lead organisation, SYTECH has secured a position at the forefront of the Digital Forensics marketplace, attaining a reputation for impartial analysis of prosecution evidence. Where required we can carry out independent cell site surveys and forensic examination and analysis of all exhibits in the case held by the Police,

A staff of some 80 employees conform to stringent quality and security standards that are a part of SYTECH culture and processes.  Staff are trained to avoid jargon and technical terminology in witness statement reports and during oral testimony at Court.

LAA Prior Authority
Prompt attention is given to the preparation of comprehensive quotations with hourly break-down of costs, CV and other details needed to obtain LAA prior authority.

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