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Mr. Clive Evans

Professional Description:

Imagery Analysis Expert Witness



Momentum Hub
18 Cross Keys Mews
St Neots
PE19 2AR
Area of work:

Nationwide and Worldwide


Videnda Imagery Analysis Ltd is an imagery analysis consultancy founded and operated in Cambridgeshire by the former Military Intelligence analyst, Clive Evans.

Clive served for over 23 years as a Royal Air Force Imagery Analyst, including over 7 years as an instructor at the UK's School of Imagery Analysis. In 2010 he retired from the RAF and made the transition to the forensic application of imagery analysis. As a forensic imagery analyst and expert witness, he has provided specialist support nationwide to both prosecution and defence cases and has been fortunate to have gained a reputation as one of the UK's leading expert witnesses in the imagery analysis discipline. Videnda Imagery Analysis Ltd is registered on the National Crime Agency (NCA) Expert Advisers database.

Clive has produced an average of over 50 reports per year for the prosecution and defence, and has given expert evidence at the Central Criminal Court, other Crown Courts and was also engaged as the imagery analysis expert witness for the Al Sweady Inquiry. Over the years, his imagery expertise has been in demand from various corners of the media including TV appearances and contributions to newspaper articles.

The routine imagery analysis tasks carried out by Clive include;
Criminal casework
Facial image comparison [Facial mapping] – The detailed morphological breakdown and analysis of facial features between questioned and known subjects.
Comparison of clothing, vehicles, tattoos, weapons, scenes etc.
Object analysis – A detailed analysis to establish if the nature of an object can be determined.
Chronological analysis – A frame-by-frame analysis of the recorded dynamic activity that provides a chronological sequence of events.
Critique - If an expert report has been commissioned in a case it is appropriate for such a report to stand scrutiny. A critique can be conducted which will assess the methodology and working practices employed by the expert in question and will also consider whether any findings/conclusions are supported by the imagery evidence.

Civil casework
In addition to his experience as an imagery analysis expert within the context of the Criminal Courts, his knowledge and experience of aerial photography and commercial satellite imagery also enables him to be instructed on civil matters such as boundary/property development disputes, land use and adverse possession.

Insurance casework
Various forms of imagery evidence may be submitted in support of insurance claims. Expert analysis of that imagery can be used to determine whether the imagery evidence supports the particulars of the claim.

Clive is trained and experienced in the analysis of various forms of imagery evidence including;
Mobile Phone Imagery
Body Worn Video
Air Support Video
Drone Imagery
Aerial Survey Imagery
Commercial Satellite Imagery
Near Infrared
Thermal Infrared


1987/1990 – Graduate of the Joint School of Photographic Interpretation. 2002 – Defence Electro-Optics & Imaging Systems, Royal Military College of Science/Cranfield University. 2018 - Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association [LEVA] at Nottingham Trent University. Level 1 – Forensic Video Analysis & the Law, Level 2 – Digital Multimedia Evidence Processing, qualifying as a Certified Forensic Video Technician [CFVT].


Affiliate member of the Forensic Imagery Analysis Division of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. Member of the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association [LEVA]

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