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Researchers receive £500k for ‘completely new’ prostate cancer treatment

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Researchers from the University of Strathclyde have received a grant worth more than ... read more

Report Writing Workshop (PI & Clinical Negligence)

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  ... read more

In the Dock: Legal Training

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At Disabled Living, we see the difference that life changing injuries can make to an individual’s life. We also see the wider impact on those involved in working with, caring for and supporting ... read more

New Insect Database to Help with Forensic Investigations

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Researchers at Cranfield University are using blowflies and other insects to develop a database which will provide a complementary method ... read more

Construction risk management falls foul if not implemented and monitored

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Preparation is only part of the journey. Implementation and monitoring are key. ... read more

The implications of being an expert witness.

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One expert who did not fully understand the requirements has just been ordered to pay costs of £88,801.68 plus costs. ... read more

Hot – Tubbing : A Concurrent Evidence Procedure In Intellectual Property Suits

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Hot – Tubbing : A Concurrent Evidence Procedure In Intellectual Property Suits ... read more

Fingerprint Test Can Distinguish Between Those Who Have Taken or Handled Heroin

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A state-of-the-art fingerprint detection technology can identify traces of heroin on human skin, even after someone has washed their hands – and it is also smart enough to tell whether an individual has used the ... read more

Expert Witness and the Courts

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Expert Witness and the Courts ... read more

Admissibility of Evidence – Covert Recordings of Expert Examinations

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by Ian Peters - Partner at Anthonygold ... read more